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Spacious Studio

Alt Yoga is one of the largest studios in the area, giving you plenty of room to spread out and enjoy class.

Our yoga instructors are friendly and fun, promoting a judgement-free class!


Prices  &  Plans

Try 1 Free Class - First one is on us!

1 Class - $15

5 Class Pass - $65 (saves you $10)

10 Class Pass -  $125 (saves you $25) 

Thank you for supporting your local small business and supporting our instructors! Without your participation, we couldn’t do what we love.

Check out momoyoga to make a purchase and sign-up for a class. 


WTF Does it all Mean!?

Vinyasa is a flow style that focuses on breath to movement. You will string postures together while moving from one into the other, rather than starting and stopping different poses.

Power is a fast-paced style of yoga focused on building strength and endurance. This will get your cardio up and is a great work out!

Yin involves static poses (mainly sitting or lying down) that target your deep connective tissues, like your facia, ligaments, joints, and bones. It's slow-paced and you'll hold poses for longer periods of time, sometimes for 5-10 minutes a pose. These stretches can feel more intense, depending on the level of stretching you decide to take.

Restorative is a restful practice that holds poses for longer periods of times. Unlike yin, this is a very "passive" style of yoga, and you'll use props from the studio (blocks, bolsters, blankets) to relax into your pose and not feel any stress or pressure in the body. 

Functional Movement focuses on real-world situational biomechanics, i.e. targeting your every day movements and increasing your flexibility, mobility, and stability. You'll focus on proper body alignment (in general, not regarding yoga) and engage in poses that increase strength. 

Sound Bowl Healing incorporates sound bowls, which has been scientifically backed for healing both body and mind. The sound helps your brain move into a relaxation state, which can help improve sleep, reduce anxiety and depression, improve symptoms of ADHD, and more! 

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