Yoga can be what you want and need it to be.

Alt Yoga is on a mission to bring yoga to as many people as possible. We want to show you there is more to yoga than just stretching, and we are here to tell you that flexibility is unnecessary! 

Alt Yoga will help you release the bullsh*t, unf*ck your mind and body, and leave you feeling incredible! 

Alt Yoga is an alternative way to do yoga!

Yoga tends to feel like a one size fits all approach. Alt Yoga recognizes this and offers up different styles of yoga with unique additives. We have no expectations for our participants. Come as you are and experience why yoga is scientifically proven to help your mind and body!


Meet the Alt Yoga Crew of Bad As*es

Different people offering up different styles, making this one hell of a unique yoga experience for every person and every body! 

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Goat yoga is a hilarious experience for ages 7 & up! Don't miss out, sign-up today!

Aug 27 | 9-10:30AM

Kurth Farms


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Alt Yoga is located at 9950 N Alpine Rd., Ste 103

Machesney Park, IL 61115

Located inside of Alternative Wellness Therapies